Your Ultimate Purpose

The Beautiful Journey of Co-Creating

What do you yearn for?

What long-term, deeply personal goals do you have that don’t seem as though they will ever work out?

What is it that inspires you to keep moving forward, even when life seems challenging?

Regardless of what you might think your life purpose is, there is a greater purpose to your existence. It involves an impersonal creative force that exists beyond the daily desires, safety, certainty, happiness, and contentment that we most commonly identify as our life and purpose.

What is this creative force? Think of the beginning of the Universe. The very moment before the big bang, or whatever physicists believe happened, that moment of nothingness, yet everything was born from it. A creative void that is empty yet creates everything—a place of pure energy that has not yet manifested into anything. You might be able to get a sense of this void by thinking of a time when your mind was clear, a moment of clarity when you seemed to not be thinking at all. A moment when your mind was still. What was your next thought? Where do you think that thought come from, and what created it?

“A creative void that is empty yet creates everything—a place of pure energy that has not yet manifested into anything”

 We all can access the creative source of energy, we do it without knowing. We are born to create and were birthed from it, so, naturally, we have an intimate connection with it. We are never separate from this energy source of all that is. What is unique for each of us, though, is how we choose to express this creative energy. We all have an individual intention or desire of how to utilize this force in the physical world. We chose these intentions well before we were born.

Your Creative Intentions

So, what are your intentions? I’m sure you probably don’t know them consciously. But you will be able to discover them by connecting to your yearnings, your deeper desires to create something extraordinary in your life. It may be to heal, to educate, to help others understand themselves on a deeper level, or to empower others.

How Does Creation Work?

Your intentions are fuelled by the creative void, the energy essence of the Universe. This intention directs a frequency of creative energy into your energetic anatomy, where your unique energetic signature expresses this energy as specific activities, experiences and outcomes. You are like a lens, by which you direct the universal creative power to manifest that which you choose. You use impersonal creative energy and personalize it through your consciousness. You activate your innate ability to co-create with the universal creative force.

What Can Affect or Block Your Creative Energy?

Universal creative energy is not bound by our human rational mind thinking. It exists beyond our understanding of right/wrong, good/bad etc. When we have a frightful experience, usually at a young age, we react emotionally and ultimately judge the experience as fearful, painful or wrong.

This splits our mental and emotional energy and blocks the universal creative energy flow through our being. At that moment, we chose to declare that experience and any future one similar to it, to be fearful, painful, unsafe etc. It is only by reconnecting to the original emotional response we had that we locked away, frozen in a moment in time, can we release this blockage. When we remove the blockage, the universal creative energy will flow once again.

The Deeper Meaning Behind Your Experiences

You may be surprised to hear that your experiences that seem to be most painful and limiting are indeed what we have chosen to experience. Not only did you select creative intentions to form beautiful creations, but you also decided to block and inhibit this creative energy throughout aspects of our life.

Why? A higher part of you wants to experience what it feels like to not express creative energy. The painful experiences we have are our pathway of learning how the universal creative energy ultimately is the existence of everything. Only then can you fully marvel at the power of creation.

What Do You Wish to Co-Create?

Enabling your co-creative power involves identifying and releasing painful experiences that appear as though they block you from achieving your deep desires and intentions. It is only through understanding and releasing the emotional energy held within those experiences that you will find the sense of completeness and peace that you long for.