Step Into Your Healing Potential

Free Online Healing Class | Next Class is Wed 15th June 2022

This workshop is for health practitioners, coaches and consultants that wish to delve into their untapped healing abilities and access their healing potential. Understand what personal healing is required to step into your healing ability with confidence.
It is the perfect for those wishing to transition into a full-time healing practice, as well as those searching for a healing modality that they resonate with.
Learn how to become the healer that you were born to be.

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Become a Clear Conduit of Healing Energy

Do you want to expand your healing ability?

This workshop will guide you to connect to your higher purpose and uncover your unique healing ability. Learn how to heal yourself whenever you need it and even start considering healing others.

Suitable for health practitioners, coaches, consultants that want to grow into a full-time practice, as well as find a healing modality that is aligned with them.

Will This Class Help You?

If you are wanting to reconnect to your healing potential and learn how to delve into your unique healing ability, then this class is for you.

This healing class will guide you to:


  • Learning what healing is and how important it is in your soul journey
  • Identifying your natural healing ability
  • Learn energy sensing, intuitive ability and healing techniques
  • Learn how to heal yourself and why this is important
  • Understand why we don’t always heal
  • Awaken your higher aspects to access new healing potential

What The Class Covers

Decoding Your Life Experiences

Understanding the experiences of your life have been divinely crafted, guiding you to evolve into higher states of being. 

The Wounded Healer Archetype

Learn how we all have wounds and brokeness that are for us to heal. It is often through this process of self-healing that new healing abilities are unearthed.

Your Innate Healing Ability

How you are already wired with intuition, energetic sensing and a connection to a infinite source of healing energy.

The Power of You

Learn about the power of belief and how your personal beliefs, as well as the collective beliefs of humanity determine what you experience and ultimately your health and well-being.

Evolving Beyond Yourself

Learn how important it is to see that your life is not only about you, if fact it is more about others that it is about you. See the bigger picture by stepping back from within yourself. This will allow you understand true healing.

Becoming One With the All

Reconnect with the Divine to understand your true identity and access a limitless source of healing energy.

Participant Feedback

I got a lot of aha moments such as – where are you leaking energy in your life (personal power), healing is about bringing in the truth (never thought of it like that!), we don’t think love and compassion we feel it, and my fav was – fear sits in the mind so go to the mind first to find the fear. Of course! We are love at our core and everything else is the mind’s creation.
I really loved seeing others share so deeply. And how you applied what you had shared as information with their individual situations. I could then start doing the same with my own big wounds. That was also a highlight.
Im doing a type of mindfulness meditation every day where I sit in silence to allow emotions to arise to witness and pass through me. I also get insights as to where they came from, so what you shared totally aligned with me.

Sarah Z

Register Your Place

Next class date is Wednesday 15th of June 2022 @ 7:30-9:00pm

Held online via Zoom. The Zoom link will be emailed to you after registration.

Register for this workshop to:


      • Learn simple techniques to heal yourself
      • Experience an increase in your energetic vibration and wellbeing
      • Fine-tune your intuitive sense
      • Enjoy a healing simply by participating in the workshop
      • Boost your healing ability by shifting any limitations impeding the flow of healing energy
      • Meet other like-minded people in the workshop that share your pathway of healing

Note: This is a healing-based workshop so we will be focusing on a personal aspect to be healed, to allow a reconnection to your healing potential. I ask you to come prepared for the workshop by writing down:

  • The main goal you have with your healing passion
  • What you feel is the biggest limitation to achieving your goal

Write these down and bring your note pad/journal with you. We will be working with these on the night.

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Note: Registrations are required to attend the class