Sound Healer Mentoring for Practitioners and Coaches

One-on-One Sound Healing Mentoring with Ben Sowter


Learn how to incorporate Sound Healing into your practice to balance and heal the physical, mental, emotional, and inner aspects of your clients or workshop/retreat participants. During your first mentoring session we can create a mentoring plan that suits your particular needs.

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The Healing Power of Sound

How often have you felt the sound vibrations of music? When was the last time a certain sound physically affected you? Did you realise that you innately make a sound to heal when you accidentally hurt yourself? Sound has a profound impact upon us, whether we “hear” it or not. Next time you hear an everyday sound, take a moment to listen to it more carefully. Notice how it makes you feel.

Sound healing has been practised by many cultures for thousands of years. Various tools or instruments are used to create sounds such as bells, chimes, horns, trumpets, drums, tuning forks, and many more instruments. The oldest and probably most versatile tool though is the human voice. Tibetan monks and Mongolians have been chanting sounds for thousands of years. Using sound to heal seems to be a forgotten technique that we are beginning to rediscover.

Find Your Unique Sound Healing Technique

Find your unique sound healing technique using a range of sonic tools such as Tibetan singing bowls with vocal toning inspired and channelled by spirit. The resulting sound frequencies are carrier waves of enlightened knowledge that will encode new possibilities into every aspect of your being.

A powerful technique of vibrational sound healing to shift and retune the consciousness and energetic body, promoting healing of the physical body.

Learn How to Become A Sound Healer

Personalised One-on-One Mentoring

The mentoring offers you an understanding of how sound healing works, how to vocal tone, how to find your unique style and how to use sound healing for self-healing and healing others. This will give you a well-rounded experience of sound healing so that you can confidently incorporate it with other holistic modalities.


What the mentoring includes

An example of the topics covered in a mentoring program are:


  • Learn the basics of vocal toning (the vowel sounds)
  • Background of sound healing and types of instruments used
  • What is sound, the energy of sound, and how it can heal
  • Importance of intention with healing. The power of thought
  • Vocal harmonics and how to create them
  • Vocal toning through the chakras for healing
  • Learning to “feel” sound
  • Using sound to sense energetic imbalances in the body
  • Connect to your spiritual healing team
  • How to find your unique style of sound healing
  • Homework between classes to practice your technique

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Mentoring Sessions are $180 per hour. Click the button to choose your date and time for your first mentoring session.

Sample Sound Healing with Vocal Toning

Sound Healing Workshop Audio
Group Toning
More Toning Samples