Sacred Sound Temple


Thursday 7th Oct @ 11am AEST (+10)

Be guided into deep in meditation, receive sounds to activate physical healing, realign to give more energy and mental clarity, hear your truth and release emotional burdens

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Go Beyond All That You Know Yourself To Be To Find Peace

Your mind is a wonderful tool but it is not able to comprehend what it does not understand, such as your spiritual self. You are so much more than who you think you are.

When you allow yourself to release attachment to your thoughts and perceptions, even for a moment, you will begin to connect to your inner truth and bring through the healing and guidance you need.

“Know yourself and you will know the mystery of all creation, the divine”

Is The Sacred Sound Temple For You?

Are you wanting to heal your body, mind or heart? Maybe you would like to find a way to quieten your mind, cultivate inner peace, or desire to explore the limitlessness of your divinity. If so, this sound healing meditation class is for you.

This sound healing will guide you to:

  • Go much deeper in meditation than you might normally go in your usual practice
  • Receive specific encoded healing sounds that activates physical healing
  • Be guided into a state of higher consciousness to communicate with your spirit team
  • Realign your energetic anatomy to give you more energy and mental clarity
  • Allow the harmonic sound frequencies to open your heart center to hear your truth and release emotional burdens
  • Learn how meditation allows you to explore a limitless part of you that exists beyond the mind
  • Use meditation to create a process of personal transformation and healing
  • Use tools such as breath, sounds and mantras to transcend your daily consciousness
  • Learn how the breath is the gateway to understanding your divinity
  • Use meditation to support your spiritual development and understanding

The meditations will allow you to:


  • Heal aspects of you that have previously proven difficult to heal
  • Gain a deep sense of inner peace that transcends daily concerns
  • Support and enhance your existing healing practices
  • Experience how you exist beyond your thoughts
  • Create your own meditation routine that supports your spiritual growth

A sample of the Singing Bowls Ben uses in his sound healing workshops.

“It is only by going beyond the conscious mind that you can know your true self”

What The Meditation Group Involves

Guided Sound Healing Meditations

Experience Ben’s unique sound healing technique. Be guided through meditation techniques that use breath, sounds, mantras and other tools to experience deep meditation. The purpose of the meditations is to shift from the daily conscious mind state to a deep state of inner peace and contemplation, where deep healing can occur. This is where your true essence exists.


The group is a healing meditation group, so the intent with each meditation is to allow for personal understanding and insight into healing and spiritual growth for each group member. There will be time available in each class for discussion and unpacking of personal experiences from the meditation.

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Thursday 7th Oct @ 11am AEST (+10)

(Wed 6th Oct @ 6pm PDT, 7pm MDT, 8pm CDT, 9pm EDT)

Note: Registrations are required in advance to attend the class. Your Zoom link to attend will be emailed to you after registration.