Psychic Medium Reading

Get the answers and certainty that you're looking for

We all need guidance from time to time on our lives; have I made the right decision, what other opportunities are available to me, which option should I take?…


Sometimes a little guidance is all that we need to make great leaps foward in life, as though hearing certain words are the key to unlock a new chapter in our life.


Allow Ben to bring through guidance from your loved ones and spirit team to assist with the navigating of life challenges and enhancing personal fulfillment, including your spiritual path.



Ben Sowter – Medical Intuitive & Psychic Medium

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Guidance and Insight

At some point in life we all need a little help to make sense of what is happening and what decision we need to make to find the peace, happiness and achievement that we desire.

Allow Ben to become the channel between you and your spirit team to bring through the information and insights that you need, giving you the certainty and confidence that you need.


How a Reading With Ben Will Help You

If you need guidance about your:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality
  • Life purpose
  • Sense of self

then a reading with Ben will give you the answers to your questions and deep insight into the parts of your life that you need more clarity on.

A reading with Ben will also allow you to:


  • Learn more about your soul journey
  • Identify and express your unique creative ability
  • Discover your inner self on an intimate level
  • Learn where healing in yourself is required to bring through better health and wellbeing
  • Understand your life purpose

60 Minute Readings

Allow Ben to bring through the answers you are seeking, to assist you to better understand your career, business, health, relationships, spirituality or life purpose. The reading may include a combination of channeling, mediumship and psychic reading, depending on what you need at the time.

Ben Sowter

How to Book a Reading

Ben offers 60-minute Psychic Medium Readings. They are held via Zoom video meetings and an audio recording link is emailed to you afterwards. You can also call in from a phone if you prefer.

You can ask questions at the start of the reading or ask for whatever needs to come through.

To book in a reading, click the “book your reading here” button, where you can choose your preferred day and time form the available appointments.