How to Guide Your Seven Energy Centres to Heal Your Body

Free Online Healing Class


This is a free online healing class that teaches you to heal the energetic causes of physical illness and dis-ease.

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Learn What Creates Good Health

During the live online class, I will demonstrate how your seven chakras hold the answers to the physical healing you need. There will be practical exercises and techniques you can take away to start your journey of healing.

When you learn to see your physical health in terms of your ability to manage your energy, what causes you to lose energy, and how to stop losing it, you will discover that this is the only true pathway to healing.

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Will This Class Help You?

If you are wanting to heal yourself, understand why patterns of health issues happen to you, are curious about your energetic anatomy or want to heal others, this class is for you. 

Suitable for healing:

  • Physical Illness
  • Low energy levels
  • Pain
  • Patterns of painful experiences
  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional pain

What The Class Covers

Your Energetic Anatomy

Beyond your physical body is an energetic anatomy that consists of channels, layers and Chakras. The universal law “Energy precedes matter” explains how this energy system determines your physical body.

What Creates Good Health

The “health”of your energetic anatomy ultimately determines your physical health. Learn about your seven Chakras and how they nourish and sustain life in every cell of your body.

What Causes Illness and Disease?

Learn how illness, pain and emotional/mental discontentment are created energetically. 

What Stops Us From Healing?

Understand the many ways that healing is often sabotaged or avoided.

How to recognise the source of illness 

Understand the common signs and symptoms that ultimately manifest as illness. Recognise the energetic process that precedes illness.

How to guide your chakras to heal your body

Learn simple techniques to guide your chakras to heal your physical, mental and emotional self. Leave the class knowing the pathway to heal, as well as enjoy a more aligned life with your authentic self.