How to Develop Healthy Self-Esteem and Navigate Life With Ease

Learn how your life patterns are your soul's guidance to help you heal low self-esteem and develop personal power


Free Online Healing Class
This is a free online healing class that teaches you how to know yourself through your four survival archetypes and how these archetypes can assist you to heal low self-esteem and develop personal power.

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Learn How Life Patterns Are Guiding You To Heal Self-Esteem

During the live online class, I will teach you about the four survival archetypes and how these aspects of you hold the key to your personal power. By knowing these archetypes, you can learn when you unconsciously give your power away, and how to know your deeper hidden aspects of the self to get your power back. There will be practical exercises and techniques you can take away to start your journey of healing.

When you recognise and understand your life patterns as your soul’s guidance for you to heal self-esteem, your ability to create and make healthy life choices then you are aligned with your highest potential.


Know yourself and you will know the mystery of all creation.

Will This Class Help You?

If you are wanting to heal your sense of self, to build confidence in relating to others, to trust in your decisions, to understand why patterns of experiences happen to you or want to take back your power from others, then this class is for you.

This class will help you to:


  • Gain confidence in yourself through the nurturing of self-trust
  • Develop a deeper understanding of who you are
  • Understand your soul journey and what you need to learn about yourself
  • Strengthen your “inner” self so that the “outer” world does not drain you
  • Understand that your destiny is in your hands, not in anyone else’s
  • Make healthier life choices that are aligned with your highest purpose

What The Class Covers

The Four Survival Archetypes

Meet your four survival archetypes and learn how your level of mastery of these archetypes determines your level of self-esteem and personal power.

What Creates Healthy Decisions

The “health” of your mind, heart, and body is determined by your self-esteem. Learn how to make healthy, conscious decisions that empower and uplift you.

What Causes Low Self-Esteem?

Understand the times when your confidence and self-trust are sabotaged or weaken by subconscious patterns of behaviour.

How to recognise the source of low self-esteem

Understand the common signs and symptoms of when you give your power away to others and how that can affect your health and wellbeing. Recognise the beliefs and choices that have been made to create low self-esteem.

How to Use Your Archetypes in a healthy way to Empower you

Learn how to be guided by your soul through the healthy aspects of these archetypes to heal your physical, mental and emotional self. Leave the class knowing the pathway to heal, as well as enjoy a more aligned life with your authentic self.