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Medical Intuitive & Sound Healer


“When you learn to see your physical health in terms of your ability to manage your energy, what causes you to lose energy, and how to stop losing it, you will discover that this is the only true pathway to healing.”

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Ben Sowter

About Ben Sowter

From a young age, Ben experience a heightened sensory awareness, or empathy, that meant he was able to strongly sense the emotional state of those around him. As he grew into his teens, these sensations created social anxiety which caused Ben to withdraw from the world, questioning his mental state. As he grew older he began to search for ways to manage and control the sensations that he picked up constantly.

Ben has spent the last 30 years learning how to master this empathic ability, which has led him to explore higher levels of sensory awareness. This has resulted in developing his sensory abilities beyond sensing the emotional states of others, to being able to see and sense energy in and around the human body, as well as intuit what this energy means and says about the health of the individual.

Inspired by hours of research and development, having studied with Carmel Bell, Ben has certification in medical intuition, core energetic healing, the biology of anatomy and human behaviour. He has studied and researched the human experience, i.e. levels of consciousness, mindset, emotional intelligence, empathy, intuition and the human energy system to understand what makes people happy, healthy and successful.  

Ben is an accomplished Sound Healer, having trained with Jonathan Goldman from the U.S.A. – sound healing pioneer, sacred chant master, Grammy award winner and author of “Healing Sounds”. Ben’s blend of Tibetan and American Indian vocal toning styles combined with singing bowls offers a unique and profoundly empowering healing experience. Ben is also a qualified astrologer with the Victorian Astrologers Association. 

His pursuits have allowed Ben to demonstrate his abilities within various Spiritual Churches, public speaking engagements about the healing power of sound and connection to our spiritual selves, workshops, and classes with various students all over the world. 

He has travelled and worked throughout Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom. Ben’s professional associations include:

  • International Institute of Complementary Therapists
  • International Sound Healers Association
  • International Association of Medical Intuitives
  • Australian Medical Intuitives Association

Ben now consults with individuals all over the globe, bringing health, emotions, mindset, and life back to balance, is co-author of The Sentient Pathway and lives in Victoria, Australia with his wife Kim.

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