Activate your personal power to boost self-esteem, trust, confidence, and live your divine purpose

Online Healing Intensive

This is an intensive online healing group that focuses specifically on healing wounds that have locked away your personal power. Receive one-on-one healing with Ben in the workshop to create the self-trust, self-confidence, self-belief, self-worth and sense of purpose that you desire. Note: Maximum of 4 participants for this intensive

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Shift Your Life by Healing Your Inner Self 

This online healing intensive is designed to guide you to heal what is causing you to experience self-doubt and lack of trust, confidence and self-belief. Heal the wounds that have locked away your personal power and divine potential.

When you recognise your life patterns as your souls’ guidance to heal your self-esteem and ability to create and make healthy life choices then you are aligned with your highest potential.


Know yourself and you will know the mystery of all creation, the divine.

Is This Healing Intensive For You?

If you want to end the patterns of painful, limiting experiences and build confidence and trust then this class is for you.

This class will guide you to:


  • End the patterns of painful and limiting experiences in your life
  • Discover the empowerment that is present in every painful situation
  • Heal the wounds that create your life patterns
  • Regain your sense of self in difficult relationships
  • Gain confidence and belief in yourself through the nurturing of self-trust
  • Develop a deep understanding of your inner self that boosts self-esteem
  • Stop sabotaging your empowerment and creative expression
  • Understand your soul journey and the empowering lessons you have been given
  • Strengthen and fortify your inner self so that others do not drain you
  • Understand that your destiny is in your hands, not in anyone else’s
  • Make more empowered, healthier life choices that are aligned with your highest divine purpose

What The Intensive Covers

Understand Your Life Patterns

Recognise and understand the patterns of your experiences and how these are guiding you to heal and empower yourself

Shift Your Life

Uncover your personal power and potential hidden within your experiences. Shift your life from the very core of your being. Learn how to gain confidence, trust and sense of self in relationships, your sense of self around others, creative expression, and develop an understanding of yourself that powers your success in whatever you set your mind to.

A Personalised healing process

Every participant will have time to work with Ben to work through your concerns and heal them in a guided consultation-style process. This is like a one-on-one consultation in a small group environment. All participants will need to be comfortable sharing and discussing their healing as part of the group.

Post-Healing Follow-Up

To ensure that you get the best results from the healing intensive, Ben will personally follow-up with you afterwards to support and reinforce any further healing required.

Participant Feedback

I am sincerely grateful for the healing I experienced from Ben’s consultation yesterday. He really listened and was able to pinpoint exactly what was going on within me, which was a block regarding my creativity.

I realised this is an issue that has affected me for almost my whole life. Ben was able to explain how these blocks can happen – all of which was relevant to me. Then through visualization and healing energy, we uncovered those emotions that were blocking me and released them. His insights and suggestions were incredibly helpful for my next steps. I feel excited about moving forward now. And all of this from just one session!

Sarah Z