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How to Heal Anxiety and Energetic Sensitivities

It seems an ordinary day, much like any other. Nothing to be excited or concerned about. Just the usual chores and duties. You may be shopping for groceries or treating yourself with something special. You might be enjoying a live performance of your favourite music act. Suddenly you become aware of the hundreds of people that surround you. They seem to be everywhere. You begin to feel yourself shrinking down as the feeling of being overwhelmed consumes you.

That familiar feeling of panic sets in like a wave of disempowerment as all confidence ebbs away. Your breathing grows shallow, and the world seems to close in on you like a straitjacket, as though it is singling you out from all those around you. You recognise the symptoms of your body going into panic mode and you know you have just got the get out, get away from here. Non-specific anxiety can be more disturbing than a fear that appears to have a physical cause. It manifests without an apparent reason, announcing itself as a feeling of general dis-ease or in extreme cases, an impending sense of doom.

Stresses in our lives seem to be escalating. With the increasing number of tasks we fill our time with, it is no wonder that we can feel overwhelmed at times. Think of how little time you have just to sit and be still without any device calling you to look at it and interact somehow. When was the last time you had a good hour or more to yourself without anything disturbing you from going within?

Anxiety is not a direct result of our lives becoming more complex. Yes, it is a symptom of increasing stress in our lives, but the origin is more familiar than you might think. Energetic sensitivities might seem to be caused by our increased reliance on electronic devices and the EMF radiation that they emit. Like anxiety, sensitivities have a much more identifiable origin than what you might think. In fact, anxiety and energetic sensitivities share a similar basis. They both originate from an energetic imbalance that can be identified and healed.

“On a spiritual level, anxiety represents a fear of looking inside oneself to know thyself”

Common signs and symptoms of anxiety and energetic sensitivities:

  • Feel the need to do the “right thing” to be safe
  • Energies around you tend to overpower and drain you
  • Have difficulty trusting intuitive or “gut feeling” guidance
  • Second-guess yourself when doing things that you know you can do
  • Often feel ungrounded, fatigued or vague
  • Avoid large groups or public places due to how these places make you feel
  • Feel drained when interacting closely with people

So, what is the link between anxiety and energetic sensitivities? What is the cause, and how can you heal these? The answer to your healing lies within your energetic anatomy. The reasons lie in your past, most likely in your childhood.

Your Energetic Anatomy

Your energetic anatomy holds a record of your emotional and psychological reactions to your experiences. When you react to a specific event and determine it to be a threat to your safety, this creates a split in your energy field that becomes locked away. This happens in childhood, usually in response to a traumatic experience. The normal flow of universal energy through your energetic body is interrupted as you choose to shift from a holistic view of life to a dualistic (good/bad) judgement. You lose trust and faith in your ability to know what is right for you, as well as the divine.

“If you don’t trust yourself, you will not be capable of trusting anyone else.”

Your Response

You learn to sense when there is a threat to your safety and become ever more vigilant. Your energetic body becomes sensitive to others’ energy. Your solar plexus becomes overactive and physical dysfunctions in this area will occur.

Self-Trust and Faith

From then on, you will experience a pattern of feeling unsafe or uncertain about similar experiences. As time goes on, you lose trust in yourself to the point that you begin to doubt your ability to do things that you have always done well.

The Pathway of Healing

Healing anxiety and sensitivities involves learning to trust yourself and have faith in your ability to know what is right (safe) for you. It is a process of retraining yourself to see that you can do what it takes to care for yourself. It also involves trusting intuitive guidance.

Here are some tips for cultivating self-trust and faith.

  • If you make a promise to yourself, keep it.
  • Get into a routine each day of doing something like walking, meditating or your favourite hobby.
  • Be patient as your self-trust grows each day through keeping your promises to yourself. You are learning to regain faith in your ability to do what is right for you.
  • If you get intuitive guidance, listen to it. Start a journal to record the intuitive guidance that you receive, how you received it and how it helped you. If you didn’t trust it, what happened as a result?

Spiritual Learning

On a spiritual level, anxiety represents a fear of looking inside oneself to know thyself. It is a crisis of personal faith and trust, which also includes your relationship to god or the divine creative energy. During the traumatic event where your anxiety or sensitivity was born, you made a choice to separate a part of you from the divine, judging the person or event as harmful, painful or unsafe.
It is through the choice to develop faith and trust in your inner divinity that you will you once again reconnect to the courage and confidence that has always been within you.

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