Living With Courage and Confidence - How to Heal Anxiety & Energetic Sensitivites

Online Healing Workshop


This is an online healing workshop that will guide you through healing of your anxiety and energetic sensitivities, such as being highly empathic of others.

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Learn What Causes Your Anxiety & Sensitivities

During the live online class, I will discuss how anxiety develops, as well as what causes someone to be overly sensitive to groups of people around them, to the point of fearing being in large groups and public places.

This is a healing intensive that helps you to reconnect to the energetic causes and release these in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. There will also be practical exercises and techniques you can take with you to manage your energy on a daily basis.

Will This Workshop Help You?

If you are wanting to stop anxiety from impacting on your lifestyle, or allowing your sensitivity to determine where you can and can’t go then this workshop is for you.
The workshop is designed to teach you about your energy anatomy understand why patterns of health issues happen to you, are curious about your energetic anatomy or want to heal others, this class is for you.

If you experience any of the following, then this workshop will help you to realign your energetic anatomy and get back the courage and confidence to live life the way you want:


  • Feel the need to do the “right thing” to be safe
  • Feel as though energies around you tend to overpower and drain you
  • Can’t trust guidance that you receive
  • Second-guess yourself when doing things that you know you can do
  • Often feel ungrounded, fatigued or vague
  • Avoid large groups or public places
  • Feel drained when interacting closely with people

What The Class Covers

Your Energetic Anatomy

Beyond your physical body is an energetic anatomy that consists of channels, layers and Chakras. Learn how a dysfunction begins in the energy body and how to heal through the energetic anatomy.

What Causes Anxiety and Sensitivities

The “health”of your energetic anatomy ultimately determines your physical, mental and emotional health. Learn how emotional trauma affects your energetic system and creates patterns of similar experiences until it is healed.

Common Signs of Anxiety and Self-Doubt

Identify how emotional trauma affects you by limiting the diversity of life experiences, as well as happiness and sense of purpose.

Healing Exercises

Carry out deep personal healing to excavate the energetic causes of your anxiety and sentitivity. This is where you uncover the hidden power within that has been lying beneath your symptoms.

Tips and Techniques to Manage Your Energy

Take away simple and effective self-healing energetic techniques to become in control of your energetic state rather than let others determine it for you.

My Offer To You

I invite you to join me in my upcoming online healing workshop, where I will share with you what energetically causes anxiety and sensitivities.

Of course a healing workshop would not be complete without me guiding you through a healing process so that you can shift the energetic cause of anxiety and sensitivity so that you can regain your courage and confidence in life.

As always, I will include a number of energetic healing techniques and tips for you to take away and use daily to keep you in top form.

To ensure that you get the best results from the workshop, I will personally follow-up with you after the workshop to offer any further support required.


All attendees will receive a posted copy of our book, THE SENTIENT PATHWAY. This book is a guide to assist you on your sentient journey of self-mastery. It will help you to identify and understand your innate psychic and intuitive abilities, along with instructive exercises on how to develop.

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