Awaken the Healing Light Within

A 6-Week Online Healing Course - Max. 6 Participants

Starts 16th Feb 2022

This course is for healers and health practitioners who want to learn how to heal themselves and master their energy. Clear away aspects of the self to discover hidden healing abilities and be a clear channel for healing energy that transcends any healing modality.


Allow Ben to guide you to discover your unique healing ability and activate personal healing, to heal your clients in an easy, simple and natural way.




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How This Course Will Help You

If you:

  • Is your healing modality limiting your healing ability?
  • Do you feel a calling to express more of yourself in your practice?
  • Would you like to learn the energetic secrets to good health and wellbeing?
  • Do you want to learn a unique healing technique that transcends a structured modality?

then you will certainly get a lot of healing, clarity and confidence in your healing ability from this course.

Through this course, I intend to assist you to:

  • Understand your healing potential hidden within your life experiences
  • See how you relate to yourself (your sense of self and linked sense of personal power)
  • Develop trust in yourself and your abilities
  • See the truth that lies beyond the manifestations of matter in our lives
  • See the connection between your creativity and personal identity
  • Recognise where you are losing power, such as in relationships to others as well as to yourself, career and beliefs etc., and stop the flow of these energy leakages (these most likely will be contributing to health issues) to boost personal power
  • Manage your energy so you can be a clear channel of healing energy and wisdom for others
  • Identify the sacred contracts of the relationships in your life, from significant to the seemingly inconsequential, that are the keys to personal empowerment
  • Reconnect with your divine essence to access more significant levels of healing for yourself and others
  • Discover you who are beyond the human self

What The Class Covers

Understanding the “WHY” of Your Life Experiences

Understanding the experiences of your life have been divinely crafted, guiding you to evolve into higher states of personal expression and divine union. Discover the personal aspects within that will form the basis for a successful healing career.

The Wounded Healer Archetype

Learn how we all have sacred wounds that are for us to heal. It is often through this process of self-healing that personal power and new healing abilities are unearthed.

Your Innate Healing Ability

How you are already wired with intuition, energetic sensing and a connection to a infinite source of healing energy. Discover you unique healing ability and how to use this as your own healing modality.

Regain Your Power

Learn about the power of belief and how your personal beliefs, as well as the collective beliefs of humanity determine what you experience and ultimately your health and well-being. Shift and trasmute these beliefs to heal and evolve your healing ability.

Evolving Beyond Yourself

Learn how important it is to see that your life is not only about you, if fact it is more about others that it is about you. See the bigger picture by stepping back from within yourself. This will allow you understand true healing.

Becoming One With the All

Reconnect with the Divine to understand your true identity and access a limitless source of healing energy and wisdom.

Register Your Place

Starts Wed 16th Feb 2022 for 6 weeks @ 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Note: Limited to a maximum of 6 participants

Early Bird Discount available if you purchase your ticket before the 4th of Feb 2022

Held online via Zoom. The Zoom link will be emailed to you after registration.

Register your place to activate the following life-changing aspects:


      • Bring through a higher vibration of healing energy for your clients
      • Increase your energetic vibration and wellbeing
      • Heal the health issues that have been stopping you from being the healer you know you can be
      • Experience a healing technique that is compatible with existing modalities
      • Help your clients heal to their full potential
      • Go beyond the mind and the physical aspects of the human experience to see life differently

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