Awaken the Healer Within

One-on-One Consultations to Activate the Inner Healer Within You

Uncover your unique healing ability – the jewels in your soul – to evolve yourself as a healer and channel a greater healing energy for others.

Access the keys to understanding and mastering the creative expression of your natural spiritual healing ability that you were born with, to provide a level of self-mastery and healing ability to heal others in a way that only you can.

Become the healer that you were born to be.




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Learn Your Unique Healing Ability

See yourself and your life as you have never seen it before. Gain deep understanding about who you are and see how your unique healing ability has been trying to announce itself through your life experiences.

Discover the Wounded Healer in your life and how this archetypal energy is allowing you the opportunity to gain a level of self-mastery and quality of healing energy that only you are capable of providing.

Be guided to heal that which you have been struggling to heal, to uncover new healing abilities that have been waiting to be realised.

How a Consultation Will Help You

If you feel that you:

  • Are a natural healer but don’t know how to confidently use this ability
  • Want to evolve your healing ability into a higher level
  • Want to heal your trauma and utilise that to heal others
  • Want to heal yourself and have tried everything

then an Awaken the Healer Within consultation will give you the pathway to step into your healing ability with confidence.

These consultations will guide you to:


  • Learn what healing is and how important it is in your soul journey
  • Identify and express your unique, natural healing ability
  • Discover your inner self on an intimate level
  • Learn how to heal yourself and why this is so important as a healer
  • Strengthen your connection with the Divine to access more healing energy

What The Consultations Include

Decoding Your Life Experiences

Understanding the experiences of your life have been divinely crafted, guiding you to evolve into higher states of being.

The Wounded Healer Archetype

Learn how we all have wounds and brokeness that are for us to heal. It is often through this process of self-healing that new healing abilities are unearthed.

Your Innate Healing Ability

How you are already wired with intuition, energetic sensing and a connection to a infinite source of healing energy.

The Power of You

Learn about the power of belief and how your personal beliefs, as well as the collective beliefs of humanity determine what you experience and ultimately your health and well-being.

Evolving Beyond Yourself

Learn how important it is to see that your life is not only about you, if fact it is more about others that it is about you. See the bigger picture by stepping back from within yourself. This will allow you understand true healing.

Becoming One With the All

Reconnect with the Divine to understand your true identity and access a limitless source of healing energy.

Your First Mentoring Session

This will include a comprehensive look at your life to see the intricate patterns of your experiences. The focus of the consultation will be on uncovering latent healing abilities and any fears blocking these from being utilised.

The session may include energetic healing, sound frequency healing, medical intuition, advanced intuitive guidance and spiritual guidance.

At the conclusion of the consultation, you’ll be provided with a thorough understanding of your healing abilities, including healing tools techniques and support. It’s my goal to ensure that you are informed, confident, and empowered to be the healer you were born to be.

Ben Sowter

Follow-Up Visits

A follow-up visit can be anywhere from 4-8 weeks after the initial consultation and will be included in your personalised healing plan. A healing plan is a collaborative work in progress and will change as you begin to heal and access higher states of awareness.